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How can I make a reservation for my family vacation in Yogyakarta, Solo City for 2 days while I was living in Jakarta?

You only need to contact us via telephone hotline services / e-mail to solorentcar@hotmail.com Please inform us, details of your hotel, your flight number and time of arrival / departure to the point of bull, too. We will prepare the car for your family.

I am a handicraft exporter. Do you Know the route driver / production centers in the crafts Solo.Jogja & central Java and can they speak English?

You do not need to worry. We have experienced driver with good Speak english and knows the various centers of craft production in Yogyakarta, Solo & central java. We would love to help your business. . Kami akan sangat senang untuk membantu bisnis Anda.

Can I rent without a driver? So I drove my own car and what conditions?

Excuse me sir / madam, we do not serve this lease. Why you should make yourself tired of driving Encyclopedia If we prepare the driver who will take you wherever you go? And, at no additional cost.

Do I have the same price for 10 hours of usage for the trip out of town (Solo-Semarang-Yogyakarta, etc.)?

Of course not. Working car rental price just to Solo City area. If you want to go out of town, you have to pay additional fees and costs Using tariff.

I'll rent for one month (car + driver) for the operation of our business in the city of Solo. Do I have the same rental price or special? Please let me know.

Of course, we will provide special pricing Renting a car for a month and we guarantee the lowest prices.Please better inform us, your details and select the type of condition the car, we will give a special price.

Can You Manage programs to offer our tour to Malang, Bromo, the lowering Mt.Ijen to Bali with English speaking guide

Yes, We Organize car rental rates with your schedule and also with detailed information speaking.For Guide, tourist programs and conditions, please email us at solorentcar@hotmail.com.

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